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If you’re a long time lover of hemp cream products or simply just curious, today I’m going to go through some many ways hemp creams can benefit you.

The hemp plant is certainly becoming more recognized, people are starting to see what it’s true potential really is. Not only have scientists created ways in which we can benefit internally from the extraction of hemp oil, but the use of this very oil is incorporated to make creams.hemp products

Looking after our skin, has, and always will be a regular routine. Depending on your profession some may be more particular in what they choose because they want something that works and in most cases need something that works.

Hemp has been unlocked in so many ways and it’s properties are a perfect combination to what our skin needs.

Keeping your skin hydrated

Keeping your skin hydrated is important, well hydrated skin becomes more resilient and firm, the elasticity is well maintained, so our skin will look healthier. This makes us less prone to wrinkles and other skin conditions.skin hydration

Being consistent and choosing the right products, can delay the signs of aging, repair and control damaged skin and keep our skin healthy.

Another positive for keeping our skin moisturized is it will appear more full and supple, whilst also addressing surface dryness by controlling the build up of dead skin cells. Hemp creams are high in omega acids which all help to hydrate the skin when applied topically. The same omega acids also help to lower inflammation.

So keeping moisture in our skin is very important to preserve a healthy exterior.

Alleviate discomfort from dry and itchy skin

If you have ever had the discomfort of putting up with dry and itchy skin, may it be sun damage, a skin condition or everyday wear and tear, then you know how irritating it can be. In many cases all that was required was a bit of care and nourishment from the right products.

There are many ways in which our skin can become dry, the use of harsh soaps, material handling through work or at home, frequent bathing, even a cooler climate where there is less moisture in the air.hemp seed nutrients

So where do hemp creams come into the picture and how and do they help? Again the omega rich acids which are contained in hemp act as a powerful anti inflammatory whilst at the same time encourages new cell generation and skin growth, calming any irritations to the skin.

It also helps to keep the skin well moisturized and nourished which will help to prevent the causes which lead to dry and itchy skin.

Protects the skin

Protecting our skin and being up to date with our skin health is another important factor in the fight for great looking skin, it’s a lot easier to stay on top of our skin health than it is to fall behind. A lot more work is involved when you want to get your healthy looking skin back. In my trade as a diesel mechanic prevention and periodic maintenance is always beneficial for a long-lasting fleet of machines. Skin care is the same, keeping up to date and looking after yourself will benefit you in the long run. skin care

Hemp creams work to moisturize without clogging the pores in our skin, they hydrate as well as regulate our skins oil production, through eliminating dry skin and without clogging our pores. This can also aid in the prevention of acne which is caused by excess oil on our skin and blocked pores. Fighting the causes of acne can be a tireless ongoing ordeal if left untreated and they now make products for it.

Vitamin E, Amino Acids and Antioxidants are all found in hemp and all help to protect and nourish our skin.

Improve Elasticity

So why is it good to have skin elasticity? Skin elasticity in a basic term is the ability for our skin to stretch and snap back to its original shape, as we age in particular we start to lose that elasticity.

Our skin plays a huge part in our lives, it’s basically our protective covering to the world around us, so unfortunately there are many ways in which we can damage our skin, sunlight, smoking, air pollution, poor nutrition are some key elements that lead to unhealthy skin.health

On the other hand there are many ways to improve and restore our skins health. A healthy diet, plenty of water, doing your best to combat stress and definitely choosing the right skin care products.

With all the nourishing qualities contained in hemp creams, they all come together to work for a common goal. The antioxidants, the vitamins, amino acids and more help in the overall repair and sustainment of our skin, improving elasticity, looking younger.

A perfect concoction for our skin

Hemp creams sure do tick all the boxes for what is required in maintaining and replenishing the biggest organ on our body. They keep the skin hydrated, they prevent it from getting dry and itchy, they protect the skin, they help to increase skin elasticity which will delay the signs of ageing. It will also bring life back to our skin when the wears and tears of living have caught up with us.hemp leaf

So many wonderful qualities have been found through the use of hemp and the benefits just keep coming. When the world at times seems to struggle it’s comforting to know there is still good in this world, nature looks after us and we need to do the same in return whilst also looking after ourselves and the surrounding people.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day

Heath Whinnett


  1. Hi Heath,

    Very informative article, I really like the way you have enunciated all the benefits about Hemp Creams. In fact I know one of my relative who uses “Hemp Cream 50,000 Mg” for relief from arthritis pain.

    He had have severe plantar fasciitis with four other foot diagnoses. This cream from day one has been fantastic. He ensures to apply to his feet every morning and every night. He also rub into his hands, especially his thumb pads which ache the most and periodically the back of my neck. He is experiencing a lot of relief.

    I definitely see more and more people use Hemp Creams

    • Hey
      Thank you for the feed back, i’m happy to hear your relative is getting some relief with his cream, I’m a huge believer in these creams, especially the ones that are combating pain relief, they have such powerful properties that are doing wonders for people that need them.
      Thanks again.

  2. Greetings,
    I always wanted to know more about Hemp, being that it is a trendy topic now a days. In doing some research, it states that Hemp is all natural and could be a cure for some illnesses. Would definitely love to learn more of the benefits of this product.Thanks for sharing the benefit of the cream.

  3. Hi Kathy,
    It sure does hold some really interesting qualities and through research I think they are finding that it has the potential to assist in some forms of illnesses, which is fantastic, I’ll be looking to cover this in further articles, so stay tuned.
    Thanks for your comment and have a lovely day.

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