What is hemp used for?

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Throughout my hemp journey, I have learned so much more than I ever thought I would, its quite remarkable how much one plant can be used.

So what is hemp used for? It’s used to make a variety of commercial and industrial products, including rope, textiles,hemp leaf clothing, shoes, food, paper, bio plastics, insulation, and bio fuel. Let’s not forget the health industry, with our creams, lotions, hemp seed oils, capsules, which in turn go into making even more wonderful products for us.

I’d like to touch on some of these uses in a bit more detail, more so regarding the commercial and industrial industry, I want you to see how much this plant has to offer and why I regard it so highly. With climate change a big topic, with well reason, I think the more we can use hemp products the more we can look after our planet and also ourselves.

Hemp Clothing-

Clothing made from plants is not something new, if you look back on ancient tribes and maybe some hidden away from the world today, you would see some of their clothing primarily made from plants, leaves and maybe even bark, for people living in the modern world technological advances have certainly enhanced the way clothing can be made.hemp fabric

Fabric made to create hemp clothing comes from strands of fiber that make up the stalk of the plant. The fibers are  separated from the bark of the plant, then all spun together to create one long thread that can be weaved into a fabric to make clothing.

From what I’ve researched, you’ll find hemp made clothing is stronger and more durable, more absorbent and will give you better insulation, it may not have the stretch like a cotton made shirt and maybe not the same feel either, but you’ll definitely have better quality.

Hemp Paper

The quality of hemp paper is actually higher than typically harvested trees to make paper, the pulp is much better for making paper than wood pulp, leaving us with a better quality product.

Hemp Paper may be a more expensive option to mass produce as apposed to tree paper, but with many people online now, phones, computers etc. I see very little need to have as much paper as we once needed.hemp

Less chemicals need to be used in the production process of making paper when using hemp, its fibers are so strong and of good quality, in return making durable long-lasting paper. Having such a strong quality fiber comes at a bit of a disadvantage, equipment used to mash wood chips into pulp would need to be upgraded in order to process the hemp correctly because it is so strong.

Hemp paper can be recycled more than double the times than tree based paper, hemp grows a lot quicker and denser than trees and can produce as much paper in a lot less space. The future will be interesting to see if it can be feasible enough to overtake tree based paper, so we can limit the trees that get chopped down.

Hemp Bio-Plastics

Now this I think is a big one for our planet, when you see so much plastic pollution choking the environment and animals, especially in the ocean, it is definetly time for a solution.

Hemp bio plastics are affordable, they are a natural fiber composite that can be used to replace oil based materials, hemp plastic is also heat-resistant which work wonders in the kitchen. It is recyclable, bio degradable and free of any harmful toxins.SO MUCH POTENTIAL

Plastics which make it to places in the world that they shouldn’t take a long time to decompose if ever, not that we want to see any kind of plastic in our oceans or on land. In saying that a hemp made plastic in the right environment would take typically around 3 to 6 months to decompose completely.

Producing hemp plastic may be more energy intensive, however it does produce a high quality product which would definitely out last general oil based plastics, saving on energy from continuous production. That has got to count for something.

Hemp Insulation

Just another quality product come from hemp. As far as I know it is more expensive than traditional fiberglass basedinsulation insulation. But with that comes quality, it’s long-lasting, energy saving, non-flammable, anti bacterial, waterproof and won’t mold, its also in-edible to rodents. All these pros could definitely save you money in the long run.

Hemp insulation has a great way of retaining heat and releasing it gradually making for a excellent energy efficient building.

So in a nut shell, hemp makes for a good insulator, it sure does possess the qualities in which we look for in an insulation.

Hemp can do so much for us

So I’ve strayed away from my health care products a little, I wanted to show just some of the ways that the hemp plant is helping the planet, health care aside. There are so many uses for hemp and not one part goes to waste, its amazing. helping the planet

I love products that can be good for us, our planet and a way forward to a cleaner greener future, one we all can enjoy. I’m surprised the hemp plant hasn’t been more publicized for the good, for there are so many uses and I’ve only touched on a few.

Certain parts of the plant go to making certain products for us, for our health or to helping our day to day lives.

I’ve enjoyed writing this article, it just goes to show what one single plant can do for us and for the planet.

Have a wonderful day.

Heath Whinnett

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