Why do you get dry skin?

Dry skin

To be perfectly honest, the one thing I never gave too much thought was why do you get dry skin? So I thought I’d do a little research and find out what really happens to our bodies which result in having such dry and cracked skin.
I know in my case I let it get worse and worse, I was simply dealing with the whole discomfort of dried skin, when really I didn’t have to.Dry skin

The underground mining scene for me and my role was a perfect environment for getting dry skin, dust, grease,oil,mud,cleaning agents, not to mention the lack of sunlight, were a daily part of my role. I had to wash at the end of each day/night, which was another contributor, the soap provided didn’t do me any favors. I was clean but any life left in my skin was slowly getting worse and worse.

I eventually tried to do something about it, I was sick of just dealing with it and was pleasantly surprised when I gave some hemp products a go, my skin was feeling healthier and looking a lot better to. It just felt different, my skin turned from feeling like a fish(dry and scaly), to having some moisture and smoothness and it felt good.

Dry Skin-How does it happen?

When we are firstborn we have amazing skin, like the term “smoother than a baby’s bottom”. So what happens when we grow up, go through puberty then begin the never ending cycle of keeping our skin healthy.moisture

Basically dry skin occurs when our skin won’t retain sufficient moisture, hence why we call skin creams moisturizers. In most cases it’s caused by factors like hot or cold weather, low moisture in the air and soaking in hot water, among other lifestyle choices to.

Dry skin is often temporary, you may only get it through a certain time of the year or through certain work or leisure conditions in some cases it may be a lifelong condition. Signs and symptoms of dry skin depend on your age, your health, where you live, time spent outdoors and what you may be doing that could be the cause, which was certainly what was happening to me, the simple fact was I knew why I had dry skin, I just wasn’t doing anything about it.

Can having dry skin affect you?

Dry skin for me wasn’t incapacitating, for some people it can be. For me it was more irritable and discomforting, I was self-conscious about it heading home from work, not in a way that was debilitating but I didn’t like the feeling. I can only imagine how discomforting and painful it could be for people with major skin conditions, it’s our external organ and we want it to look and feel the best we can.

A common effect of having excessively dry skin, is the weakening of the skin, this often leads to cracking and even bleeding. This occurs when our skin is lacking in moisture, it will start to lose it’s elasticity, which gets worse with age. The skin can split when stretched or put under pressure, initially our skin will redden and start to develop fine cracks, these cracks can become deeper and some areas may become scaly and start to flake away.dry skin

Our skin is somewhat like our body armour, it protects us from any unwanted bacteria which can become harmful, the more cracks and exposed areas we have on our skin, the more chance of us catching an infection and getting sick. Of cause, we want a healthy skin covering to, it boosts our confidence, we feel good, we look good.

What can we do to help our skin?

So there are many ways in our lives in which we can keep our skin health in check.

  • One of those ways is of course our choice in skin care products and our regular schedule of using them.
  • We can’t just rely on our products to keep us in check, drinking plenty of water is essential and having a healthy balanced diet is to, especially for people that suffer from acne, monitoring your daily intake of dairy is vital if your a chronic sufferer.
  • Keeping our stress levels to a minimum, which at times is easier said than done when our busy lives seem to be getting the better of us. There has been an increase in cbd oil purchase to, which people use to combat stress and stay calm.
  • Good air quality is also good for us, which can be hard to control, outdoors especially. (we can do our part in our climate never the less).sunlight
  • Getting the sufficient amount of sun exposure, not to the point where we are getting burnt I must say, but enough to soak in that Vitamin D. Also sunscreen and hats if we are spending long periods outside in the hot sun.
  • Pay good attention to your face cleanser to, if you have really dry skin using a non soap product can be beneficial, just as important as our moisturizer, we don’t want to be drying out our skin more.

With the right products and lifestyle we all can have great skin

So there are many ways in which we can keep our skin healthy, anyone that has had to deal with the discomfort knows how time consuming it can become, more so if un treated. There are so many changes we can make to assist in our overall health, not just our skin but our whole body, if we work to get good skin through combatting our water consumption, keeping to a healthy diet and skin care products that work, then not only will our skin improve but our whole body will to inside and out.

I don’t want anyone to have to deal with dry or irritable skin and I do believe with a little effort we can all have healthy skin. Choosing the correct product that works for you, plenty of water and an overall healthy lifestyle. happy skin

Then it just becomes second nature like brushing our teeth, make it apart of your daily routine. Your reward for that effort is wearing that healthy skin, being proud of it, showing it off to the world and getting on with our lives with one less worry. To our skin and beyond.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.


Heath Whinnett


  1. Hi.
    I enjoyed your article. I had some problems with dry skin years ago, and they went away when I switched to a more healthy lifestyle. It is incredible how many people do not realize that the skin is our biggest organ – yet we mistreat him at times.

    Keep doing your excellent work. Alex

    • Hi,
      Thanks for the reply Alex, I definitely think we need to look after our skin, your right about it being our biggest organ and one that everybody can see, i’m glad your looking after yourself.
      Thanks for stopping by

  2. As a dry skin sufferer I like your article. It’s right to the point without trying to sell me something lol. Like you, I have ignored my dry skin for too long and just need to take care of it with the right products on a daily basis. Your post reaffirms that for me so thanks!

  3. This is something I can definitely relate to. I live in a dry area and frequently battle with dry skin. These are great reminders to keep hydrated and be aware of other ways to take care of our skin. Like you said, its like armor for our bodies and we need to take good care of it! Thank you for sharing great info on causes and treatments for dry skin.

  4. Thank you for sharing such in-depth information! I personally know people who have suffered with dry skin to quite a high extent, and I myself do you find it to be a minor issue such as if I don’t keep my hands warm enough in the Winter. I couldn’t agree more that having a balanced diet plays an important role, and as this is something that is often overlooked, I am happy that you have included it here! Whilst dairy itself does provide calcium and beneficial amounts of protein, fat, and other micronutrients (including important B-vitamins), it’s important to note that we can still effectively nourish the skin without dairy. 🙂

    • Hi James,
      Thank you for the comment, appreciate it. I think keeping your hands warmer would play a part,especially in really cold environments,when the weather turns cold, the air dries out and it’s harder for the body to hold onto moisture, the lack of moisture in the air causes dry skin and hands which is why it’s important to moisturize in these sorts of environments. For me personally it was a all round contributor to my day to day life and what I was doing through work, so I really had to play catch up to getting my skin health back to where I wanted it to be. Thanks again James, I hope I gave you some clarity with my answer

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